# bread-n-butter

bnb is semver v0, but unlikely to change much. It should be a stable platform for development.

bread-n-butter (bnb) is a parser combinator library for TypeScript and JavaScript.

With relatively little code and no build step, you can get a proper parser prepared for the language or input of your choice. A few functions and methods, paired with a bit of regular expression experience, is all you need.

bnb has zero dependencies and is about 1.5 KB minified and gzipped (about 12 KB raw compiled JS from TypeScript source).

bnb has 100% test coverage and full documentation. bnb supports ES2015 JavaScript environments (roughly: any modern browser (not IE), and any long term support Node.js release).

# Installation

npm i bread-n-butter

# Usage

If you are using ES modules through TypeScript/webpack and npm:

import * as bnb from "bread-n-butter";

If you are using Node.js require:

const bnb = require("bread-n-butter");

If you are using ES modules natively in the browser without npm, download the ES modules build:

import * as bnb from "./bread-n-butter.js";

# Getting Started

bnb is a parser combinator library. You can build up complex parsers using combinators (functions that take parsers and return parsers).

bnb is heavily inspired by Parsimmon, but written in TypeScript and targeting modern JavaScript engines only.

# Tutorial

Check out the tutorial for help getting started.

# Examples

See the examples on GitHub for how to implement various language parsers using bnb.


Read the full API documentation for more information about every function.

Also, if you are using Visual Studio Code and have installed bnb through npm, you should get automatic API completion with inline documentation so you can save time by never leaving your editor.